Computable 1.1

in Updates

Computable 1.1 brings the following fixes and improvements:

  • Inline Python code completions and documentation are now available via the new, floating i-button.
  • The new Welcome Tour gives a quick overview of the most important features to new users.
  • Lots of users have emailed in that they would like to support me, but the in-app purchase still doesn’t work for them in 1.0.2. To fix this once and for all, I have added some code that clears out the cached information of any previous installations, and asks users to restore their purchase (if they have previously purchased Computable) by clicking a button. This will happen only once after upgrading to version 1.1 from a previous installation.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect initial caret position in the Python editor.
  • No longer hiding the navigation bar in landscape mode to keep the navigation bar buttons accessible.

About Python Code Completions

Computable uses the jedi library for code completions and documentation support. Please note that Jedi may not always report accurate results. Also, jedi puts some additional memory pressure on the system. Still, I think this is an important step towards better usability.

About Dropbox Sync

Dropbox sync should finally work in all cases and both directions. The process works like this:

It all starts when you first import a file from Dropbox (via the Dropbox browser panel). At this point, the selected file gets downloaded to your iPad, and is from now on managed by Computable’s Dropbox sync infrastructure.

On the other hand, files that have not yet been downloaded to your iPad are not managed by Dropbox sync. So, if you add another file to the Dropbox folder on your Mac, it will show up in the Dropbox browser panel on your iPad, but it will not be available locally on the device until you select it in the Dropbox browser panel, thereby downloading it.

Thus, all that follows applies only to files that have already been downloaded to your iPad. To give you an indication of which files are locally available on your device, Computable shows downloaded files in black, and not-yet-downloaded files in gray.

The sync scenarios are now:

  • If you write out a new file on your iPad (e.g., by writing out a pandas DataFrame to a new file using to_csv), the file will get written to the local Dropbox folder immediately, and (up-)synced shortly thereafter.
  • If you modify an existing file on your iPad (e.g., by writing out a new version of a pandas DataFrame), the modifications will get written to the local Dropbox folder immediately, and (up-)synced shortly thereafter.
  • If you modify a file on another linked computer, the changes will be downloaded to your iPad immediately. The hatched status panel shows you when changes are downloaded.
  • If you delete a file on another linked computer, the deletion will get synced as well (i.e., the file will vanish from your iPad).

Coming up Next

I’m already working on version 1.2, which will bring a new, LaTeX-based Markdown rendering system, replacing the current HTML+MathJax one. The aim is to significantly speed up Markdown and TeX/LaTeX math mode rendering, with first tests hinting at a 10x speed-up.