Computable Hits the App Store (With a Surprise)

in Screw-Ups

Computable had its debut on the App Store today, and many of you may have been mildly surprised about the apparent complete lack of feature restrictions.

So was I.

Only not exactly mildly.

The first tweet I read this morning for breakfast started with something like “I can create notebooks, yay!”. These few words were enough to come to the realization (not with the dramatic, slo-mo-esque quality of glaciers dropping large piceces of ice into the north sea in spring, but rather with the uneasy eye-blink of a rabbit facing a pair of annoyingly bright Xenon-filled electric discharger devices approaching at significant speed) that something had gone terribly wrong, and what exactly that was: I had submitted a completely unlocked version to Apple without realizing.

So, I had screwed up. Big time.

Had I been connected to some heart rate monitoring device at this point, it would have detected a strange absence of heartbeats for a rather significant period of time, followed by an equally strange phase of random bursts of cardio-vascular activity. How I managed to not drop the mug at this point remains a mystery to me.

After recovering my heart rate to a steady 180bpm again, I prepared an update, which would bring in-app purchasing matters to a nice and orderly state again. Trouble is, the update will take about four to five days to pass review. So, the not-quite-exactly-planned-for-as-such release promotion is still up. Grab it while it’s free!

PS: Later that day, I realized that this was one of the moments I enjoy being self-employed, because there would be no boss come running to bite my head off, quarter my corpse, and dump the remains into the nearest steel mill.

PPS: I will try to answer any tweets or emails tomorrow. Sorry, had a sightly unnerving day today.

PPPS: If you really, badly want to give me your money, you can do so by deleting Computable 1.0.0, and installing version 1.0.1 once it becomes available. If not, that’s perfectly fine as well.